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Planeamiento tributario para la optimización del Impuesto a la Renta anual, procurando un adecuado balance entre los ingresos, costos y gastos proyectados para el ejercicio, así como la eficiente aplicación de los créditos y escudos fiscales de que dispone la compañía.

Asistimos a nuestros clientes, socios de empresas e inversores, en la búsqueda de las opciones más eficientes para el desarrollo de sus negocios y la optimización de su patrimonio personal y familiar, cuidando el  cumplimiento del ordenamiento legal tributario.

  • Diagnosis, strategy design and support for the recovery and use of tax credits.
  • Balance in favor of Income Tax
  • Temporary Tax on Net Assets (TTNA)
  • Credit for withholdings and perceptions of the STF
  • Release of funds from withdrawal accounts (SPOT)
  • Evaluation of the possibility of suspending or modifying (reducing) the coefficient used to calculate the payments on account of the IR for the months of April to December 2020.
  • Special advice for the identification of mechanisms for deferral or postponement of tax obligations.
  • Review of processes for the identification of errors in the determination of taxes that may be generating a higher taxation than the corresponding one or an unnecessary anticipation in the payment of these.
  • Planning for access to the early recovery and / or refund regimes of the IGV,
  •  Advice and proposal of strategies for access to the facilities that our standards provide for the payment of tax debts (installment, deferment and refinancing).

We are experts in tax defense. We exercise defense in inspection procedures, coercive collection, contentious tax procedure (claim and appeal), judicial and criminal tax processes. We develop effective and appropriate legal strategies for your company in order to obtain optimal results in tax litigation at all levels.

  • Advice on foreign trade in tax matters
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Advice on Income Tax on Foreign Investments
  • Balance in favor of exporters' profit matter (SFMB)
  • Restitution of customs duties (drawback)

Evaluation of the due compliance with the monthly tax obligations, as well as the correct determination of the tax result for the year, acting with opportunity and efficiency, so that compliance with the tax obligations can be carried out in accordance with current tax regulations.
To this end, our service includes the review of:

  • Annual Affidavit of Income Tax. Compensation Tax Loss Calculation.
  • Monthly Payments on Account of Income Tax.
  • Determination of the General Sales Tax.
  • Taxes Withheld from third parties (Withholdings, Withdrawals, Perceptions).
  • Withholdings to non-domiciled persons from Income Tax and General Sales Tax.
  • Withholding of Income Tax of the Fourth Category (independent work) and Fifth category (dependent work).
  • Determination of Social Contributions.
  • Temporary Tax on Net Assets.