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Our legal and financial services are aimed at ensuring and adapting strategies that generate liquidity or ensure the development of projects in companies.

We evaluate and analyze your financial information, ensuring the accounting items are in accordance with IFRS-IFRS.

Para Outsourcing Contable:

Estudio Contreras

  • Financial Audit (Contreras & Lao Audit Society)
  • Compliance audit
  • Management Audit
  • Asset revaluation
  • Compliance and management covenants and Adequacy to the requests of financial entities
  • Comprehensive attention to Family Businesses
  • Start-up
  • Inventory and Balance Assessment
  • Reestructuración, Reingeniería Empresarial y Refinanciamiento (PARC-COVID19)*
  •  Advice on drafting contracts and negotiation
  • Business legal advice (labor, financial, civil, corporate criminal, administrative, trademarks and patents, customer service)
  • Family Protocol and family corporate law
  • Legal advice to Start Up
  • Legal and financial advice on investment projects on a smaller and larger scale
  •  Assistance in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Business Dissolution and Liquidation Processes)
  • Asesoría Ambiental (