Committed to Your Financial and Fiscal Improvement

At Lao y Consultores we are committed to companies and improving their fiscal and financial processes. We seek to optimize the cash flow of our clients.

About us

We are a multiplatform consultancy dedicated to providing innovative solutions with highly effective methodology in corporate tax and financial matters.



Improve Finances and Promote Responsible Savings for the Taxation of Our Clients, as well as their processes for their corporate development and we promote the economy of choice.

What do we do

We improve your tax options and your cash flow, providing you with clear processes that ensure and optimize your accounting and tax policies.

History and Values

Our founders have extensive business experience in the national and international market, so we have a competitive advantage in understanding the business world. We come from a Chinese immigrant family, committed to tenacious work, where loyalty and values are part of our personal brand. Lao y Consultores became a legal firm in 2012 and was born with the aim of serving our Peruvian market with professional quality. We always seek that our professionals are permanently trained to provide high quality standards to our clients. Apart from having the technological world as a fundamental support, our specialty in corporate law, taxes and finance has managed to provide concrete, effective and efficient solutions. We have success stories in tax savings and cash flow generation for the benefit of our clients.


Stage 1

Para conocer las ventajas tributarias del cliente, agendamos una reunión virtual para obtener información preliminar, previa evaluación de formulario de consulta.

Stage 2

We request information requirements from the company and validate the prefeasibility of a strategy

Stage 3

Terminada esta etapa, se plantea una solución estratégica. Nuestro planteamiento será acompañado de una carta de compromiso, contrato y clausula de confidencialidad, así como un cronograma de actividades.

Stage 4

All our solutions are contrasted with the fiscal entity for its assurance.

Why choose us?

Our 4 (four) phases guarantee the effectiveness of our services.

Most of our tax services have a one-year guarantee in which in the event of a tax contingency we start the attorney general's office.

We have a success rate in our services against the treasury, of more than 90%.

We have professionals with more than 30 years of experience in tax procedures and a multidisciplinary staff from up to state institutions and international universities.

Our treatment with clients is personal and our corporate culture is friendly and family.

Our target They are the so-called main taxpayer companies and those who want to access their benefits, as well as small investors and startups.

Years of experience
Satisfied customers